Monday, May 11, 2009


Traveler grazed on a clump of winterfat with his eyes closed. I approached him slowly, feeling for that invisible line that if crossed will cause a mustang to turn and run. Cautious not to make any quick moves, I lowered myself down onto the parched earth. I prayed, offered gratitude to the Ancestors of the land, and settled in for an intuitive communication session with this handsome grey stallion.

The ground beneath me was soft and warm. To communicate across species, I simply imagine that the animal and I can speak to each other. Often, as soon as I do this, the animal does speak! In the case of Traveler, what I heard was not only clear, but a teaching.

He said:

“We are the healers; we do not need to be healed”

“We are not afraid to die. We will fight to the death with dignity for our freedom.”

“We love the land and we work with Mother Earth to bring balance and harmony.”

“Carry our strength within you.”

“There is nothing to fear. Life is good.”

“The Spirit of Horse can never be destroyed.”

I asked Traveler what we could do to help the herds. He replied, “Bring the children.”